Christmas Tree House operates our wholesale business through Bishop and Mathews II. Being in business for over 80 years Bishop & Mathews II has a reputation for the highest quality Christmas trees in the business. With the highest quality trees and the best service you can’t go wrong buying trees from Bishop & Mathews II.

Bishop & Mathews II sells a number of different types of trees including Noble fir, Douglas fir, Grand fir, Nordman fir, Silvertips and Turkish fir. Sizes range from table tops to 16ft in most types of trees. These trees can be ordered from us and be sent as a direct shipment straight to you, or you can come to our wholesale yard and pick-up the trees yourself. Whichever is better for you.

For direct shipments you can place your order with us and we will order your trees from our quality growers and schedule the shipping from those growers directly to you. This is an easy way for you to get the trees you need without the hassle of traveling to find the growers with quality trees and schedule shipping with trucking companies which can be difficult during the Christmas season. We can be your one stop shop without ever having to go anywhere!

If you would rather come to our wholesale yard and pick-up your trees and supplies that works too. The trees at our yard are from the same quality growers that the direct shipments come from. With our wholesale yard you are able to pick-up fewer trees at a time rather than getting a partial or full load of trees at once to your location. Bishop & Mathews II is your local Los Angeles Christmas Tree Wholesale connection.

All the products that you need for your tree lot can also be found at our Christmas tree wholesale yard. We offer tree stands in a variety of types and sizes from wood to rebar and everything in between, water bowls, wreaths, garland, snow flocking, flock machines, tree bags, fire retardant, tree preservative, twine, and more. You name it we can get it!!

If you are starting your own retail lot and are looking for assistance we are a phone call away. We will guide you through the steps to have your own successful tree lot.

For questions, please contact Andy at (303) 885-6552 or Email.